Weld-On Plastic Banding Cement

Weld-On Plastic Banding Cement

Weld-On 16. Generally considered THE BEST all round glue for Plastic Bandings & Purflings. Please note; Due to new Postal Regulations, we cannot now send this item Overseas. Highly Flammable.

Apply liberally into routed channel then hold Bandings
in place with Banding Tape (Code BT2)
Ensure even coverage.Plastic to Plastic this glue is
very strong. When gluing Plastic to Wood apply 
generously to allow for a certain amount of evaporation. 
When gluing to soft wood - especially soft wood end 
grain - such as when Binding F Holes on Archtop
Guitars, it is advisable to seal the grain before
attempting to apply Weld On 16.
Weld-On 16 Cement 1.5oz tubeGL1 15.45
Weld-On 16 Cement 1.5oz tube

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