Reconstituted Rock Inlay

Sold Per Gram

Reconstituted Rock Inlay Material. Please note that as it is made up in large blocks there can often be marked differences in colour between batches.

NB:We advise buying at least 3-4 grams of any one type of Recon Rock Inlay Material for general use; any less than this and it becomes extremely difficult to hold and to cut.

Azurite MalachiteS116P 0.95
Azurite Malachite Sold Per Gram
Banded MalachiteS116G 0.95
Banded Malachite Sold Per Gram
Bianco Nero-White TurquoiseS116K 0.95
Bianco Nero-White Turquoise Sold Per Gram
Black & RedS116M 0.95
Black & Red Sold Per Gram
Black with Gold ThreadS117K 0.95
Black with Gold Thread Sold per Gram.
Black With Gold WebS117b 0.95
Black With Gold Web Sold Per Gram
Black with White Web.S117c 0.95
Black with White Web. Sold per Gram.
Blood Basin JasperS116N 0.95
Blood Basin Jasper Sold Per Gram
Blue DenimS116R 0.95
Blue Denim Sold Per Gram
Blue Jean LapisS117I 0.95
Blue Jean Lapis Sold per Gram.
CharoiteS116S 0.95
Charoite Sold Per Gram
Chinese Green TurquoiseS116A 0.95
Chinese Green Turquoise Sold Per Gram
Coral Rock - RedS114A 0.95
Coral Rock -  Red Sold Per Gram
Coral Rock - Salmon PinkS114B 0.95
Coral Rock - Salmon Pink Sold Per Gram
DalmationS116I 0.95
Dalmation Sold Per Gram
Green GaspeiteS117D 0.95
Green Gaspeite Sold per Gram.
Green LizardS116Q 0.95
Green Lizard Sold Per Gram
Honey JasperS117F 0.95
Honey Jasper Sold per Gram.
Imperial JadeS116E 0.95
Imperial Jade Sold Per Gram
Lapis LazuliS112 0.95
Lapis Lazuli Sold Per Gram
Leopard Skin JasperS116H 0.95
Leopard Skin Jasper Sold Per Gram
Pink ConchS117H 0.95
Pink Conch Sold per Gram.
Red With Gold WebS117A 0.95
Red With Gold Web Sold Per Gram
SugiliteS116J 0.95
Sugilite Sold Per Gram
TurquoiseS110 0.95
Turquoise Sold Per Gram
Turquoise - Black ThreadS111A 0.95
Turquoise - Black Thread Sold Per Gram
Turquoise - Gold ThreadS111B 0.95
Turquoise - Gold Thread Sold Per Gram
Web TurquoiseS116D 0.95
Web Turquoise Sold Per Gram
White & BrownS116F 0.95
White & Brown Sold Per Gram

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