Solid Shell Plate

Solid shell plate. Paua, Abalone, Mother of Pearl and more . . .

Crazy Cut Inlay Plate Crazy Cut Inlay Plate Sold Per Gram This type of cut is made in order to minimise the amount of wastage in each shell with the result that pieces will be of an irregular – seemingly random– shape although of a consistent thickness.

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1.5mm thickness unless otherwise stated.
Primo Pearl Inlay Blanks Primo Pearl Inlay Blanks These White MOP Blanks are intended for uses other than that of strict Inlay Material - such as miniature Clock Faces, Decorative Jewellery Blanks,Ornamental Tiles etc.

As such they are specially selected, Top Quality, White MOP - often highly figured & with subtle iridescent colouring. They can, of course, also be used as Inlay Material.
Shell Squares and Rectangles Shell Squares and Rectangles Shell plate pre cut to size.
Solid Soundhole Inlay Solid Soundhole Inlay Solid Soundhole Inlay