Inlay Shell Types

Inlay Shell Types - Continued

SHELL TYPES: WHITE MOTHER OF PEARL; (Pinctada maxima) Plain with iridescence.
FIGURED WHITE MOTHER OF PEARL; As above but with additional irregular figure or “rippling”.

GOLD MOTHER OF PEARL; (Pinctada maxima) Cut to produce one side of deep golden colour. Excellent with gold hardware or when used to create a mellow “Vintage Effect”. N.B. Care must be taken to inlay this type of shell as flush as is possible to avoid sanding out the colour.

; (Pinctada margaritifera) Grey to iridescent black often with surprising flashes of green & red colouring. Superb with maple fretboards. Also makes glorious Truss Rod Covers. As with Gold MOP, care must be taken when inlaying to avoid excessive sanding which might eliminate the colour.

; Colours vary but the best of it is like burnished copper; absolutely stunning.

Inlay Shell Types - Continued