Mixed Shell Scrap/Offcuts

Sold per 200 gms Mixed Shell Scrap/Offcuts

These are leftovers from various jobs. They are mostly White MOP, Gold MOP, Black Tahiti Pearl and Red & Green Abalone. They are ideal for cutting small shapes & strip from - or for creating small craft and jewellery projects. However ...


White MOP Scrap/Offcuts (2mm Thick).

White MOP Scrap/Offcuts (2mm Thick).

100 gms of 2mm Thickness White MOP. These are chunky pieces often left over from Block Inlay Sets.

From 30.00

White MOP Scrap/Offcuts.

Sold per 200 gms. White MOP Scrap/Offcuts.

Mostly 1.3mm - 1.5mm Thick Shell Stock. Ideal for small craft & jewellery projects.